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Meet Your Instructor


The Polefessor

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The Polefessor is a self taught Pole Dancer, Aerialist, Creator of Poledorant, Natural Pole Friendly Deodorant, Veteran, Mother and Entrepreneur. Aerial Fit lab is the First Dance Studio on the Mississippi Gulf Coast to offer Pole Dance & Aerial Arts. Aerial Fit Lab has been operating since 2015 servicing the community and offering a safe space for unique individuals to express themselves freely without judgement.


The Polefessor offers Private Lessons, Workshops, Private Parties and Entertainment Services. 

"My love for the arts started in 2010 as a hobby and blossomed into an amazing career!"

Andrea Cook

This is literally the best studio on the coast!! Everytime I go I have fun and feel so good about myself. Definitely recommend to anyone who is evenly remotely curious!! The owner is an amazing lady who always makes me smile!!


The owner is such an awesome teacher and so good at what she does! This was such a cool experience and my friend & I will definitely be going back to keep growing our aerial silks skills!

Jennifer Ratcliff

The owner was very accommodating when I was booking a party. Then when we got there she was so very sweet and made everyone feel comfortable and confident! Perfect girls night out for us!

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